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Gothenburg, Sweden – November 30, 2016 – A year after introducing sound analysis sleep tracking to Sleep Cycle alarm clock, the Swedish app studio Northcube releases new innovative life tracking app for iOS. Life Cycle tracks time and locations automatically, categorizing the information in easy-to-read donuts, providing valuable insight on how you spend your days and where your time goes.

Using less than one percent battery daily, Life Cycle works as a behind-the-scenes companion, requiring minimum manual input. It provides all the information and statistics you need to understand where your time goes and how you spend your days, helping you identify slots of time between activities, that are often overlooked. Life Cycle will help you make sense of your work-life balance, so that you can do with your time what matters the most. Find out how much time you actually spend at work, what types of restaurants you most frequently visit, and on what days you are most likely to engage in quality time with family and friends. Link Life Cycle to Sleep Cycle and learn what activities have the most effect on your sleep quality.

“I use the app as a daily diary and for long-term analysis to figure out where my time actually goes versus what I want to spend more time doing. I was surprised to see how often I take my kids out shopping, definitely something I want to change! It’s great that the app lets me pick and chose the color of the donut categories. Makes it super easy to set fun activities apart from boring everyday routines!”  – Lisa Vermaas, Norway

Rated 4.5 stars, Life Cycle is a free to download app with all basic functionality included. Optional add on premium subscription features include; long-term stats, trends, online backup, and deeper analysis of correlations with Sleep Cycle alarm clock sleep stats. All Premium Sleep Cycle users are offered a 50% discount when purchasing an annual Life Cycle Premium subscription.


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Northcube is a leading Swedish app development studio founded in 2008 by industry veterans. We develop apps exclusively for App Store and Google Play, engaging some of the most talented programmers and designers in Europe. Focusing on health apps, we rank amongst the most successful developers in the world. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is one of our most successful apps with millions of users all over the world.

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